Getting into Sugar Britches

We are happy to announce that last month we opened up a booth at Sugar Britches in the River Arts District. Sugar Britches is a large decorated warehouse space at 17 Foundy Street in Asheville. The space is subdivided in to about 20 booths that feature local designers and vendors with unique items. With our new expansion, we are able to consolidate a lot of our local designers, who consign though our Merrimon Avenue store, as well as some other funky items that we have for sale.

If you live in Asheville, you probably already know that the River Arts District is exploding in growth. The Foundation area is on Foundy Street. Fanning out behind the old Riverview Station studios, Foundation has many businesses from restaurants to art galleries. As of now, there are three clothing businesses with Sugar Britches being the largest. When you enter Sugar Britches, you will be in awe of the huge space that is packed with very creative apparel.

The Enchanted Forrest booth at Sugar Britches.

So when you are in the area and want to shop, check out our booth that is among many other vendors. You will be sure to find something you just got to have! Sugar Britches is also a work space for artists as well as an event space. Check out for more information.

Incredible selection from local designers.

Inside Sugar Britches

It’s HUGE!