Cooler Months Ahead in Asheville

Thank you for your support and interest in our newsletters and blogs. As we head into fall, there is some news we'd like to share…

The Enchanted Forrest is featured in this month's issue of Sophie Magazine, including a cover shot and a four page spread. Each month, Sophie Magazine is featuring a local clothing boutique. This was such a fun shoot, because we had the opportunity to work with some great models and a great photographer. It is such an honor to be selected for the article.


Danielle is offering her design service for anyone interested in custom headpieces. She is getting more frequent requests for this, so we've decided to start promoting this service. Whether you would like a headpiece for a wedding, festival, or just to have one, contact her to get the ball rolling.

Do you have a ton of clothes and are stuck not knowing what to do with half of them? Danielle will come and help you organize your closet and clear out what is taking up the most space. For $25 per hour she can tame you closet! Danielle will also be able to take away what you want to donate to Goodwill and what you can consign.


We have successfully been selling on Ebay and Poshmark. Visit these sites for some fantastic savings. We have also opened our dedicated online store though our website today. This will be a work in progress and you will see more and more items listed in the coming months. We plan to use our online store for our new lines of clothing from our top vendors. If you want more information about what we are doing, you can always check our blog on our website. All links to our online stores can be found on our website as well.