Fashion Photo Shoot

Our fashion photo shoots help bring our clothes to life. We have been doing photo shoots for years with my husband Duncan. Every once in a while, someone will compliment our social media pages for the photography. Images from these photo shoots have been an integral part of our business model and they are fun to do.

Nancy Lasher modeling a fall look at UNCA Botanical Gardens

Why have photo shoots? The first reason why we do these shoots is because they are fun. It is time to basically create and play. A lot of times, we shoot with customers of the Enchanted Forrest who have asked about modeling. The other reason for doing photo shoots is that it helps customers visualize how an item might look like on them. There is a big difference of seeing a blouse on a clothes hanger or on an actual person. Showing that blouse with a fully put together outfit, brings it to a whole new level.

Getting MacKinney ready for the camera. On location at The Enchanted Forrest - Asheville, NC

Social media is an ever growing and important advertising platform. Keeping it up to date is relatively easy to do. You just have to keep doing it. Being able to share photos with people from the Asheville area makes it truly “local” content. Instead of finding images online to represent an item we have for sale, we simply make the image ourselves. It is always a fun afternoon, when we do a shoot. We hope to be able to keep doing it for a long time.

Kendra Warren modeling with her guitar for The Enchanted Forrest - Asheville, NC