Styling Has Never Been so Fun!

Nowadays, putting together looks for my clients is second nature. Over the years, I have learned that there can be several ways to wear a garment. You can dress things up or dress things down, You can shape a scarf in a zillion ways as a customized accessory! There is nothing like putting a smile on someone's face after putting together a look for them. The key is to not just focus on a single item, but to get a bigger picture by imagining several items of clothing together. 

For a few years now, my store Enchanted Forrest has worked with my photographer husband to document a lot of the store's current inventory. We do this by dressing a model in three to four looks every two weeks and do a photo shoot. Styling these photo shoots keeps me sharp, by finding looks that really seem to go well with each individual. Everyone is different so every look comes together in a certain. way. 

model:  Ivy Hawkins

As of this Spring of 2017 we have styled and photographed nearly one hundred models in the Asheville area. We have had a lot of inquiries from people interested in modeling for us and we are booked into August. In return, models get the edited images from the shoot for their portfolio. Duncan asks each person if there are any specific shots that they would like, to make it even more worth while for them. Most people modeling are persuing model or acting, so head shots are often requested. 

Duncan and I are hoping to create a video channel that shows how looks are put together while describing the clothing/accessories used. Viewers would also get a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. Stay tuned. 

Here is a short video that we did last Fall with the wonderful Na'ama Ella Asido


Cheers! Danielle Chaboudy